Announcement – Natural Weigh

We are delighted to announce that Natural Weigh will shortly be moving to the newly vacated Unit 3 of the Corn Exchange.

Natural Weight has been a major player in the fight against plastic pollution and, on behalf of my fellow directors as well as our loyal shareholders, I would like to offer Robin and Chloe our best wishes for the ongoing success of their business and to thank them for continuing to support The Corn Exchange. We have included below a press release prepared by Robin and Chloe.

We anticipate that it will take a few weeks for Natural Weigh to fully vacate their existing premises, following which Unit 1 will be available to let.

If anyone is interested in either establishing a new business, or moving their existing business to The Corn Exchange, we would be delighted to hear from them. All enquiries should be sent to or call 07850-731514.

Dean Christy
Managing Director
Corn Exchange Crickhowell Ltd

Natural Weigh – Wales’ first zero waste shop – is GROWING!

On 3rd March 2018, Natural Weigh opened its doors in Crickhowell as Wales’ first zero waste shop. Now, just over two years on, we are growing!

The population of Crickhowell and the surrounding areas has shown an incredible willingness to be part of the solution to plastic pollution and have taken to zero waste shopping in spectacular fashion. This has enabled us to take advantage of the opportunity to expand and we are therefore delighted to announce we are moving to a larger shop.
Our new location is two doors down from our current premises, Unit 3 of the Corn Exchange which has just become vacant. It is wonderful that The Corn Exchange has provided us with the opportunity to grow our business and, most importantly, to stay in Crickhowell, and serve the town that has shown us such fantastic support. This larger shop offers us the chance to expand our current range of organic wholefoods and plastic free lifestyle products as well as to introduce new, exciting ranges of goods.

We are grateful to the Directors of Corn Exchange Crickhowell Ltd who will be supporting us over the next few weeks to make our move to Unit 3 with the minimum of disruption to the continuity of our business.

Natural Weigh will continue to offer a plastic free shopping experience, selling high quality, organic ingredients, to encourage more home cooking. Products at Natural Weigh are sold by weight. Customers bring in their own containers or buy compostable or reusable ones at the shop. They weigh the container, fill it, and weigh it again to get a price for their food. This helps reduce food waste and allows customers to reuse containers, removing the need for single use plastic packaging. We sell dried foods as well as some cleaning products and personal care products, all from bulk dispensers. We also have a growing range of plastic free lifestyle goods, to help people on their zero-waste journey.

Natural Weigh offers people a chance to be part of the solution to the problem of plastic pollution and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to increase our ability to do this by growing our range of goods. We firmly believe that it is everyday life choices which will win the war on plastic.

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