Announcement – The Emporium and Treebeards Micro Craft Beer and Cordial Bar

Further to our recent announcement regarding the move of Natural Weigh from Unit 1 to the larger Unit 3 of the Corn Exchange, we now have two further announcements.

With effect from 1 August 2020, The Emporium has relocated from Unit 2 to Unit 1. Lindsey Jones, the proprietor of The Emporium said “I was so excited when I found out that Unit 1 would be available as this was the unit I always wanted as its unusual layout makes it ideal for displaying my products. We will try to complete the move as quickly as possible so as not to inconvenience our customers”.

We are also delighted to announce that after a careful assessment of applicants for Unit 2, we have pleasure in welcoming local residents Frank and Sam Ady, who will bring a new dimension to the High Street in the form of a Micro Craft Beer and Cordial Bar which they are confident will be popular with both locals and tourists.

High Streets are facing many challenges at the present time and we are pleased to be able, yet again, to provide the opportunity for another start-up business at the Corn Exchange. Micro Craft Beer and Cordial Bars are gaining popularity and we hope Treebeards will help to increase footfall in the High Street which should benefit everyone. They hope to open up for business on 1 October, subject to completing all the formalities and refurbishments.

On behalf of my fellow directors, as well as our loyal shareholders, I would like to wish Lindsey well in her new shop and to offer Frank and Sam our best wishes for the ongoing success of their new business.

We have included below a press release prepared by Frank and Sam.

Dean Christy
Managing Director
Corn Exchange Crickhowell Ltd

Personal Statement – Treebeards Micro Craft Beer and Cordial Bar

As local residents of Llangattock, Crickhowell we are delighted and very excited to have been given the opportunity by the Corn Exchange, Crickhowell to open our micro craft beer bar, Treebeards.

We sincerely thank the Directors of The Corn Exchange for supporting our new business venture. As new members of this thriving community we have very quickly become aware that Crickhowell is the right place to set up our business.

Our aim is work with local businesses and expand and further enhance the offering of the town by supporting the local community and tourism. We look forward to welcoming you to Treebeards.

Frank and Sam Ady

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