There is just over a week left to apply for a share of the £15,000 prize money won by Crickhowell in the Great British High Street competition.

Local people have until midnight on Friday, January 25th to submit an application for the money.

Corn Exchange Crickhowell Ltd (CECLtd), who ran the town’s successful bid, have published criteria which applications must meet in order to be considered for funding.  Any ideas must promote community engagement in the town, improve the environment of the town centre, bring a better customer experience and/or use innovative digital solutions to benefit the town centre.  They will also need to have a lasting impact on the town.

CECLtd’s Managing Director, Dean Christy, said: “We are excited by the proposals which are coming forward.  We wanted to give everyone a chance to submit an application and seek financial support for it.  We want the applicants to ‘own’ the idea and be committed to carrying it through for the benefit of Crickhowell in the long term.”

“Petitions have been distributed around town, and people are getting an opportunity to support the applications as they come forward – it is a real competition of ideas.”  He said.

A committee of local people has been established to help CECLtd decide who should get the money.  They have been selected from all sections of Crickhowell society with ages ranging from 16 to 70 plus. 

The committee has been organised by Tim Jones, who ran the PR campaign to win the award.  He said: “We wanted the committee to be broadly representative of the town as a whole and of the groups who work together to keep our High Street and town centre vibrant.  We have made sure that all of the groups who form part of Crickhowell’s ‘story’ are represented, and special attention was paid to those groups who put in most to the volunteer day we held to prepare for the final.  It was the story of these groups which so impressed the judges won the title of ‘Best High Street in Britain’ for Crickhowell.”

Once the deadline on January 25th has passed, the applications will be collated and passed to committee members, who will rate them against a scoring sheet which allocates points according to the competition criteria.  A summary of the applications, omitting personal details will be published.  If this scoring process fails to produce a clear winner or winners, a meeting of the committee will be organised to help CECLtd reach the final decision.   CECLtd say they hope to have the final results in early February.

Details of how to apply for funding can be found on CECLtd’s website at

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There are just over three weeks to go in which to make an application for funding from the £15,000 Great British High Street prize money. Only written applications submitted by January 25th will be considered. You can find out full details of what you need to do to apply on this link.
A committee which is broadly representative of Crickhowell is being set up to judge the applications. As part of this, we are particularly interested in hearing from a young person aged between 17 and 20 who would be willing to help us judge the applications. Please message us here or email if you wish to be considered.
Our process has been discussed with the organisers of the competition and we have given them an undertaking to feedback with the results. Below is the scoring sheet the committee members will use.
Please Share this post so as many people can apply as possible.

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We are calling for applications for some or all of the £15,000 prize money won by Crickhowell in the Great British High Street (GBHS) Competition.

All applications must be received by Friday January 25th, 2019 and accompanied by the following:

  1. The name and contact details of a sponsor – a named person or team of named individuals who will drive the idea forward.
  2. An outline of the proposal of not more than one side of A4 (drawings may be attached).
  3. A rough costing.
  4. Evidence of public support for the application.

We are bound to spend the money in ways which are in keeping with the spirit of the competition, which was to help high streets and town centres to “meet the challenges of changing consumer behaviour and a changing retail environment.”  So, we are going to follow the same criteria used by the judges to decide the GBHS competition:

  1. The money can only be for use in Crickhowell High Street or the local area.
  2. Applications must do one or more of the following:
  1. Improve community engagement with the town centre.
  2. Improve customer experience.
  3. Use digital innovation to improve engagement or customer experience.
  4. Improve the environment of the town centre.
  5. Will have a lasting impact on the town.
  6. Attract the support of 5 per cent of the population (100 people).

Some people felt excluded because the original vote was only on social media.  We do not want that to happen again, so evidence of public support can be provided by either of the following means:

  1. A paper petition which includes the names and addresses of petitioners.
  2. Social Media Posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #GBHSCrickhowell and a hashtag representing the name of the project, e.g. #CrickhowellShopSigns. These must be new, individual, public posts so they can be counted. This is the same format used in the actual competition.

We will only allow one vote per person per application, but people can vote for more than one application.  There is no age limit for voters. Once an application has passed the 100-vote threshold, it will be considered.  In the event that none of the applications reach the 100-vote mark, the highest-ranking ones will be considered, as long as they satisfy the other criteria.

Once the applications are received, together with evidence of public support, a small committee will be set up to examine them and make a decision.  This committee will be representative of groups who supported our campaign and the community generally.

This is the only process available for allocating the money.  As custodians of the prize, Corn Exchange Crickhowell Ltd reserves the right to monitor how the money is being spent and to recover the money if it does not meet with the terms and conditions or the spirit of the competition, as under such circumstances we may need to return the money to the organisers.

Managing Director of Corn Exchange Crickhowell, Dean Christy said: “We want a competition of ideas.  We want people to talk about what they would do with the money with friends and family, and on social media and to ask for their support.  We then want them to apply for the funds which could make their ideas come true and for them to be judged by a process which is fair to everyone.”

Applications can be submitted in writing by email at or to The Corn Exchange’s drawer at The Cric centre.

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There are so many people who make Crickhowell the special place it is. As one part of our bid to win a Great British High Street Award for the town, we put together this picture story to recognise their contribution.

To Crickhowell’s shopkeepers, cafe owners, publicans and their loyal customers; volunteer groups and organisations like Totally Locally, CRiC, The Civic Society, the Town Council; our local police and everyone involved in The Corn Exchange project, we salute you.

We will know if we have been shortlisted on September 17th.  30 per cent of the vote will be based on public support as demonstrated through social media.  In order to vote, please post the following words on a PUBLIC post on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

Crickhowell High Street is #MyHighStreet

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Two new plaques have appeared on the front of The Corn Exchange – one which was unveiled by The Prince of Wales during the official opening earlier this month, another which tells the story of The Corn Exchange project. The plaques were fixed to the building by Dave Harries, who was pictured outside the building during the original protest to stop a supermarket three and a half years ago. Corn Exchange Crickhowell Ltd’s Managing Director, Dean Christy, said:” It seems entirely appropriate that Dave should be able to put the finishing touches to the building, having been there at the very start”.

Corn Exchange Crickhowell Ltd’s Managing Directior, Dean Christy, with Dave Harries.

Dave Harries fitting the plaques.

The Prince of Wales unveils one of the plaques.

Dave Harries in one of the original protests against a supermarket.

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The Prince of Wales opens The Corn Exchange


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New Data Protection Policy

Re: General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR)
This is to advise you that on the 25th of May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulations come into force. This requires all organisations that hold your personal information to advise you of what information they hold about you, how it is protected and how and why they will use it.
The attached document sets out The Corn Exchange Crickhowell Ltd’s Policy and procedures relating to the information we hold about you. Please read this carefully as it is important for you to know your rights under the new regulations. This document will also be available on the Corn Exchange Crickhowell Ltd website
If you have any questions, please email and we will get back to you without delay.
Thank you
Dean Christy
Managing Director
Corn Exchange Crickhowell Ltd
7 May 2018
The new policy can be found under our contact page here:
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Flat 3 available for rent

Due to unforseen circumstances, flat 3 has fallen available for rent again.  Email for details.

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Wales’ first zero waste shop, Natural Weigh, started trading from Unit 1 of The Corn Exchange this week – with customers braving snow storms and freezing temperatures to give them a warm welcome. Robin and Chloe Masefield said they were thrilled that so many people made the effort to visit them and sample their range of organic and additive-free foods sold without plastic packaging. Chloe said: “We were really busy with lots of local people turning out and local traders welcoming us. We are looking forward to meeting more people over the coming weeks. People are really interested to find out about zero waste and reducing their use of plastics.” Robin said: “We were impressed at the level of interest. We believe that many people making small steps to reduce their reliance on plastic can make a big difference.”

Among the first people to visit the shop was Brecon and Radnorshire Assembly Member, Kirsty Williams. She was involved in the original campaign to stop a supermarket coming to The Corn Exchange which started three years ago. After visiting Natural Weigh, she said:” This is absolutely fantastic on two fronts. Natural Weigh offers a really innovative approach to selling produce in response to the growing public concern about plastic waste and it’s great to see The Corn Exchange being let out. This whole campaign to keep this building was to encourage small independent traders to complement Crickhowell’s independent High Street so, it’s fantastic on both fronts.”
Kirsty Williams was joined on the visit by the Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales, Simon Thomas AM, who is a member of the Welsh Assembly’s Environment and Sustainability Committee. He said:” This shop is unique in being completely Zero Waste – definitely the first in Wales. It is a pioneer and pioneers set the trend for what comes later. I think supermarkets will soon cotton on to this trend because the big weekly shop is dying out, people are shopping more locally and shopping more throughout the week, so I think this is a really important sign of something happening in Crickhowell, building up on the local economy, keeping the pounds circulating locally and I think some of the other shops will adopt some of the practices of this shop.”
Corn Exchange Crickhowell’s Communications Director, Tim Jones, said: “Robin and Chloe have done a fantastic job of creating a really attractive, enticing customer experience. They are incredibly knowledgeable and willing to offer advice on reducing plastic waste to anyone who wants to listen. It was fantastic to have Simon Thomas come to visit so he can reflect back Robin and Chloe’s achievement to the National Assembly of Wales. And it was great to welcome Kirsty Williams back to The Corn Exchange. She was involved at the very beginning, helping to apply pressure on Punch Taverns to drop their plans for a supermarket and sell to us. It was a very important part of the original protest and she has been supportive since then. It is great she could come to see the end result.”

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